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Posted by: Benjamin

It is clear that Israel is using it’s weapons to defend its civilians while the Palestinians are using their civilians to defend their weapons!

May YHWH protect and bless Israel. Everyone please pray for Israel.


09/18/13: Yom Kippur

Posted by: Benjamin

08/23/13: KJU Class 2013!

Posted by: Benjamin
Karaite Jewish University, and the people and organizations quoted on kjuonline.com, are in no way associated with peshat.com and views expressed here.

Karaite Jewish University had another successful graduation and conversion ceremony...

Congratulations to class 2013!

Baruch YHWH!

Posted by: Benjamin
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More discussion is here: Counting the Omer 2009

Leviticus Chapter 23
9 And YHWH spoke unto Moses saying:
10 Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them: When ye are come into the land which I give unto you, and shall reap the harvest thereof, then ye shall bring the sheaf of the first-fruits of your harvest unto the priest.
11 And he shall wave the sheaf before YHWH, to be accepted for you; on the morrow after the sabbath the priest shall wave it.
12 And in the day when ye wave the sheaf, ye shall offer a he-lamb without blemish of the first year for a burnt-offering unto YHWH.
13 And the meal-offering thereof shall be two tenth parts of an ephah of fine flour mingled with oil, an offering made by fire unto YHWH for a sweet savour; and the drink-offering thereof shall be of wine, the fourth part of a hin.
14 And ye shall eat neither bread, nor parched corn, nor fresh ears, until this selfsame day, until ye have brought the offering of your God; it is a statute for ever throughout your generations in all your dwellings.
15 And ye shall count unto you from the morrow after the day of rest, from the day that ye brought the sheaf of the waving; seven weeks shall there be complete;
16 even unto the morrow after the seventh week shall ye number fifty days; and ye shall present a new meal-offering unto YHWH.

17 Ye shall bring out of your dwellings two wave-loaves of two tenth parts of an ephah; they shall be of fine flour, they shall be baked with leaven, for first-fruits unto YHWH.
18 And ye shall present with the bread seven lambs without blemish of the first year, and one young bullock, and two rams; they shall be a burnt-offering unto YHWH, with their meal-offering, and their drink-offerings, even an offering made by fire, of a sweet savour unto YHWH.
19 And ye shall offer one he-goat for a sin-offering, and two he-lambs of the first year for a sacrifice of peace-offerings.
20 And the priest shall wave them with the bread of the first-fruits for a wave-offering before YHWH, with the two lambs; they shall be holy to YHWH for the priest.
21 And ye shall make proclamation on the selfsame day; there shall be a holy convocation unto you; ye shall do no manner of servile work; it is a statute for ever in all your dwellings throughout your generations.
22 And when ye reap the harvest of your land, thou shalt not wholly reap the corner of thy field, neither shalt thou gather the gleaning of thy harvest; thou shalt leave them for the poor, and for the stranger: I am YHWH your God.


May 9, 2013:
Today is the 5th day of the 6th week of seven weeks. Today is the 40th day of the counting of fifty days from the day of the waving of the Omer on the morrow after the Sabbath.

9 מאי 2013:
הַיּוֹם יוֹם חֲמִישִׁי‏ לַשָּׁבוּעַ שִׁשִּׁי מִשִׁבְעָה שָׁבֻעוֹת. הַיּוֹם אַרְבָּעִים יוֹם מִסְפִירַת חֲמִשִּׁים יוֹם מֵהֲנָפַת הָעֹמֶר מִמָּחֳרַת הַשַּׁבָּת.

03/11/13: New Year 2013

Posted by: Benjamin
Nehemia Gordon, and the people and organizations quoted on Karaite-Korner.org, are in no way associated with peshat.com and views expressed here.

Example of Karaite Passover 2012

Karaite Egyption Haggadah

Shanah Tova all. Baruch attah, YHWH eloheinu, melech ha-olam!

New Moon Report
March 2012
First Biblical Month
Part 1

The new moon was not sighted tonight (Tuesday March 12) from Israel. There was a heavy haze across the country, although visibility was unlikely even under ideal weather conditions. Tomorrow night (Wednesday March 13) will be Chodesh Ha-Aviv - the New Moon of the Aviv, the beginning of the Hebrew year. Chag HaMatzot, the Feast of Unleavened Bread, will run from sunset on March 27 until sunset on April 3, 2013.

Shanah Tovah!
Happy New Year!

Nehemia Gordon
The Wandering Jew in Jerusalem

02/23/13: Purim Sameach

Posted by: Benjamin
Interesting audio on Purim, Book of Ester.

Yoel ben Shlomo, Book of Esther, Holiday of Purim
Posted by: Benjamin
Rock on Israel!

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